Quitting PO

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Re: Quitting PO

Post by Niiick on Mon Aug 25, 2014 7:46 pm

One of my best Hero memories is when we were competing on the ladder to see who could get the highest, which ended in both of our first ever 1500s. Of course I won, but it looks like you have far surpassed me, which is only fitting given the amount of work and dedication you have shown, you have truly deserved it all.
Was really fun to ladder with (and against) you, especially in BW2, and best of luck in your degree and also for the rest of your life.


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Re: Quitting PO

Post by KyogreF4N on Mon Aug 25, 2014 8:46 pm

Thanks a lot bro, and indeed it was one of the very best times i had on PO, i'll remember forever yiu said : "1455 Surprised i never got it that high before"

You indeed surpassed me when you got like 1570 in BW2, i think my peak is 1567 before the reset if i'm not mistaken.

Then you left and i laddered like a motherfucker to get something good like 1700+, but YOU really gave me the motivation to ladder because i saw how funny it could be. Thanks for this because a very few people enjoy laddering it seems, but i was one of those thanks to you. You're one of the very best fren i've had on PO, and i was very sad when you left because yoour skill is just equal to your coolness.

Au revoir mon ami.


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