Greetings to the Hero Clan!

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Greetings to the Hero Clan! Empty Greetings to the Hero Clan!

Post by Photoshop on Mon Jan 28, 2013 1:09 am

Greetings newcomer,

My name is Photoshop and I welcome you to the Hero clan! I was the leader of the Hero clan from October 26th, 2012 to July 15th, 2013 and now I serve the clan as a Forum Administrator.

Back when Hero was born in January 2012, the clan was founded by QuickSilver and Nuub who intended to gather users with relax personalities and train them to become strong users. From then and now, we have established a strong clan full of great friendships and passionate trainers who desire to grow strong day in and day out while also maintaining a chill pattern with everyone else in the clan. But what makes someone a Hero?

A Hero is someone who is knowledgeable in any metagame, friendly to his teammates, and helpful to others around him. You'll see that Hero also has a sub division called HIT, Heroes in Training, where we take people who are interested in joining the clan and help them by tutoring and teambuilding to assist them in becoming a Hero. What matters the most is to just enjoy playing Pokemon and creating bonds with people around you to continue your friendships onward in the clan's life cycle.

I hope you enjoy your time here in the Hero Clan!
If you need any assistance, please speak to a Moderator/Admin/ or the Leader/Co-Leader. And just have a good time with a ton of relaxed individuals.

Stay true to what a Hero must do,
"A thing that does not change with time is a memory of younger days..."
Greetings to the Hero Clan! Kk9b98x

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