[Hero] Rules and Admissions

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[Hero] Rules and Admissions

Post by Photoshop on Mon Oct 15, 2012 1:57 am

*** [Hero] Clan Admissions Requirements ***

1. You must have one of the following: 1500+ points in Ubers, 1400+ OU-UU,or 1350+ in LU-NU.
After you meet the requirements, we would like to have a test battle with you in the tier you met. This battle doesn't mean anything, it's just to let us know how you understand the metagame in said tier.

2. You must register in the Hero Forums to join the [Hero] clan.
3. You may make an account with the [Hero] tag in your name, however it is not required. If you choose not to use a Hero tag, please put in the description that you are affiliated with the Hero clan.
4. You must auto-join the [Hero] channel.
5. (Optional) You must create a introduction about yourself in the forums

Failure to comply to these rules will not be admitted to the [Hero] clan.

*** [Hero] Clan Channel Rules ***

1. Respect other peoples' culture, religion and beliefs:
2. No excessive pointless advertisement, excessive messages, or inappropriate/obscene links or pictures.
3. No massive trolling that pisses everyone off, flaming, or harassing other players. Do not complain about hacks (hax?) in the chat beyond two line comment.

Failure to comply with these rules will be love tapped or muted from [Hero].

4. Inactivity for more than a month will result to a demotion; Please contact a member or leave a forum post for your absence.

*** [Hero+] Channel Rules ***

1. Only moderators+ from the elections are allowed to vote
2. Hero members and HIT members are allowed to join in on the conversation and contribute to the discussion at hand. No member outside of Hero or HIT is allowed in Hero+. Members who are not moderator+ will not be allowed to vote in Hero Meetings.
3. All decisions will be based on a voting scale and no decision shall be implemented alone. This includes the owners, admins, and the moderators. Everyone has an equal vote of one point.
4. Respect other's cultures, religion, or beliefs
5. No advertisement, excessive messages, inappropriate/obscene links or pictures
6. No trolling, flaming, or harassing other players. Do not complain about hacks in the chat, beyond a one line comment
7. Admins are capable of overruling Moderator decisions and Owners are capable of overruling Admin and Moderator decisions. Moderators are not capable of overruling decisions who are at a higher authorization.

Failure to comply with these rules will be love tapped or muted from [Hero+].

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