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Post by Maple Syrup on Mon Oct 08, 2012 11:25 pm

Hello, I would encourage you to read this whole thing,

My name is Nuub, I am the co-leader of this Clan that you have possibly just joined called Hero. I would like to welcome you to a clan of some very great people. I am one of the original founders of Hero; I was recruited by our founder Quicksilver. He was a good guy who wanted to expand this clan and did to an area where we are today. Unfortunately we have not heard from him since last July but he will be remembered. Who is this Nuub fellow though? Well when Quicksilver was around I was his co-leader but now Clare has taken his position as leader. I also have a team of co-leaders, Golduck who is very talented along with Warpstar and Tape, and last but not least Lyn, if you see her you can always say hi. There is one other fellow I have to thank for helping Hero and that is aura disciple, many of you may not meet him but he the co-founder of Hero and the helped us expand to the forums. Now what is Hero exactly?

Hero is a Clan of people that play Pokemon and we are bonded by our love (or interest) of that very game. We play it competitively using Pokemon Online and some of us are quite serious about it. Our only interest does not lay still in just Pokemon, if you poke around and talk to some of the members and get to know them well you will see that we have very many interests. Now what will you have gained by joining our clan? Well I can say that you will most likely meet new people, and you will learn from our members how to play Pokemon better unless of course you are the best at every tier on PO, then you will be sharing your knowledge with us and we will be very happy about that. Know that you know a bit more about us I am going to explain to you what to do when you have made your decision on joining our Clan.

-Step 1:

Make yourself a new alt, put the tag: [Hero] in front of your name ex. [Hero]newalt
then we will know that you are part of our clan. I encourage new users to use this tag so that we know that you are in our clan, later on you don't really have to use it as much.

-Step 2:

Go find our Channel, yes we Heroes have a channel, it is where we chill and talk about whatever. Just don't be a dick and chat about stupid sh** that would get you banned or kicked or muted on PO regular chat. Our Channel is called [Hero] if you can't find it just PM a member of Hero that you can find in Tohjo falls. Also remember to set the channel to Auto-join every time you log in to PO

-Step 3:

Join our forums at http://heroclanforums.forumotion.com
If you do not make a forum account you will most likely not be put onto the member list and well that just sucks for you and it's not our fault even if you are nonstop on the channel. Also you must introduce yourself on the forums to become a full member, we want this because it will help other Hero's meet you and you will have a better time.

-Step 4:

Check out our YouTube channel
We need people to upload videos so that we can become a bit more well known, if you can make videos you can PM me and I will give you the pass and email so you can upload.

-Step 5:

Meet us, have fun you are a Hero now, battle!
Post on the forums, help lower skill level players learn, make rmt's.

Do what a Hero MUST do…
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