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Post by Crobat on Sun Mar 06, 2016 10:07 pm

So, being the Fire Emblem fanboy I am, I got both Conquest and Birthright. Having just finished Birthright after some difficulty, I plan on moving to Conquest. First, I'd like to discuss my experience with playing through the game.

First off, I love the game. There are tons of new weapons and mechanics, but enough is left in from the past to keep it familiar. I like the My Castle, it's not intrusive to game-play, and it's fun to mess around with some of the things it offers you. Probably the thing I like the least is the Children mechanic. In Awakening, when people got married, they'd have kids that came from the future who would fight for you. Fates tried doing something similar, with having kids be a mechanic again. It worked in Awakening due to the entire preface of the story and the feel of the game. However, this mechanic feels shitty and forced in Fates. They're excuse for having your children already be fully grown is to have them live in alternate dimensions. There are so many problems with this that I don't feel like discussing. I decided to not use any Children characters, and to only do the paralogues for grinding, just to spite the system. This is honestly my main and only true gripe, however.

Now, the characters!

Let's get the baddies out of the way. To clarify, there are worse characters, but these are the ones that I actually used and who severely underperformed:

3. Kaze & Rinkah: Both of these characters you gain access to early, around chapter 4. They stay with you if you take the Birthright path. Because of how the early chapters flow (trying not to spoil stuff) your avatar ends up being around level 10, while these guys are around level 4 when the game *actually* starts. This leads to them both needing quite a bit of attention to catch up with the avatar. Of course, I gave them this attention, and both of them failed to deliver. I'm fairly sure Rinkah got maybe 2 growths at best each level up, while Kaze was plagued with similar issues. It wasn't nearly as apparent with him, but his level ups were generally pretty bad. I stopped using Rinkah quickly, and I stopped using Kaze after getting Kagero and Saizo. They both ended up being quickly tossed to the side because they were simply too behind and too weak to be used.

2. Kagero: I know I just said that I tossed Kaze for her, and don't get me wrong, I really like her. Compared to the other ninja Saizo and Kaze, she hits the hardest, and is pretty quick. She's by no means bad, and in fact is probably stronger than the other two under normal circumstances. Saizo is pretty slow and has odd stat growths, while Kaze is really fast but doesn't hit for much. Kagero is pretty much the perfect middle of the line unit. Up until she promoted, she was one of my best units. And then she got 1 stat level ups for 10 levels straight and because virtually useless. RNG is a bitch, pretty much made my Kagero a level 10 promoted unit with the stats of a level 1, being more of a hindrance than anything. What a cruel, cruel world.

1. Hinata: When I first got this guy, I thought he was pretty cool. I ended up not using Hana, the other samurai, since she started pretty weak, and I figured Ryoma would be with me soon enough. However, Hinata's personality got to me. This dude is super positive, and just loves being alive. Sadly, I didn't think to look up his growths before I started using him. For a while, he was great. But, then I started noticing a few... issues. Like his lack of ability to dodge. Or to kill people. Only then did I realize this: 65% (HP) 45% (STR) 0% (MAG) 40% (SKL) 35% (SPD) 60% (LCK) 45% (DEF) 25% (RES). HIS GROWTHS ARE ALL SHIT. Like, old Fire Emblem levels of bad. Back then, a 30 or 40 % was considered good enough. But having that in every stat that matters for your class? The dude is a samurai, AKA myrmidon, and he has a 35% speed growth. HOW? 40 skill and 45 strength on top of that. Let's compare him to Lon'qu from FE13: 80% 55% 20% 75% 75% 55% 30% 25%. That is what a myrmidon is supposed to look like. Good strength, amazing speed and skill, poor defenses. Lon'qu makes Hinata look like a total bitch from pretty much every angle. He even has more magic, a stat that means nothing to him! Hinata is shit. Don't use him.  

Dishonorable mentions: Subaki (He's really slow for a flyer, Almost strictly worse than Hinoka), Setsuna (Takumi exist), Hayato (you get him at level 1 after already getting an alright mage)

With the stinkers out of the way, let's talk about some of my favorite units from Birthright:

3. Kaden: I originally had Oboro in this slot, but it occurred to me that Oboro was good because of a combination of some somewhat fringe factors. Kaden is just good. You get him in chapter 12 at level 14, so he's actually on par with some of your units. He's unique in that he's a kitsune (basically a laguz or taguel, but he turns into a fox). On top of being unique and starting out reasonably, he has good growths. He's fast, hits hard, has high skill, and VERY high resistance. His main flaw is defense, but he dodges so much that it's not much of an issue. His abilities give him many benefits, such as killing mounted units easily, healing between turns, healing those who heal him, and more. With a little bit of training, he becomes a great front line unit, something you sorely lack in Birthright, since your army consist mostly of ninjas and a lot of characters who suck at dodging (looking at you Hinata). All in all, Kaden is pretty good. He also gets nine tails. So yeah. Winning.

2. Takumi: Takumi's greatness is somewhat given to him, but let's not look down on him for that. He's the second archer unit you get, and you get him in chapter 10. The other archer unit is Setsuna, who is really bad. This already gives Takumi a lot, since he doesn't have much competition. What makes Takumi great is his personal weapon. Takumi has a bow called Fujin Yumi. This thing has, wait for it, 14 might. For perspective, a silver lance has 14 might, and comes with a lot of downsides, such as reducing key stats. The Fujin Yumi gives Takumi higher resistance, avoid, and lets him walk over all terrain at no cost. This dude can cross mountains like they're nothing. On top of that, it has high hit and high crit rates, and it never breaks. This makes the Fujin Yumi, in my eyes, one of the single best weapons in the whole game. Takumi himself has pretty good growths, and can take hits surprisingly well. His own strengths combined with his signature weapon make him a 100% accurate, 1 shoting, double attacking, 40% critting machine. So, like I said, Takumi is great, but not really out of his own efforts. His only flaw is close quarters combat, which is where my last entry has him beat.

1. Silas: THIS MOTHERFUCKER. Let me tell you about Silas. He appears in chapter 7 as the boss of the map. Yeah, he's a boss. Once you beat him, he reveals he actually wanted to join your cause all along. He's the first and only cavalier you get, which is really odd for a Fire Emblem game, but Silas doesn't care for conventions. There is a reason he's the only person in the army with a horse. He joins with BETTER stats than he had when you beat him, and wielding the same Steel Sword and Javelin (2 weapons that you can't normally get as Hoshido, and they're both way stronger than anything the rest of your characters have at this time). His personal ability makes him OP as hell when the Avatar is below half HP. Since his boss-level base stats carry over, he ends up being able to 1 shot literally everything in his way, without critting or doubling. He's very tanky, and he's pretty good at just dodging stuff. On top of his great bases, he has these growths: 50% 60% 5% 60% 50% 55% 50% 30%. 50%+ in every stat that matters except resistance, which is fine since mages are fairly scares early on, and can't touch him later anyways. He doesn't fall off ever. You can take your army, put it on this mans back, and ride his horse straight unto endgame. On top of all this, he even looks like a god. LOOK AT HIM:
Fire Emblem: Fates Latest?cb=20150601044137

Honorable mentions: Ryoma (His sword has 2 range and shoots lightning), Oboro (Just a solid unit), Corrin (Avatar) (you're a dragon), Azura (she's a dancer that you get early enough that she can actually hold her own)

That's all, folks. I will update once I'm through with Conquest

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